SGL Technology will be our global name...


Highly valued business relation,

After the acquisition of Remie FPE by SGL Technology and the close collaboration that this effected, we are proud to present our new name and new corporate identity. In order to further develop the international character and professionalization of the company, it was decided that SGL Technology would operate from two branches as from 1 July 2012: the revamped head office in Breda, The Netherlands and from Kalmthout in Belgium.

All-in-one manufacturer and service provider

The resulting synergy has seen this once local machine building company transform into an organization that now operates on the international stage with worldwide projects. SGL Technology is a flexible, total provider of machinery for the chocolate and biscuit industry, potato and vegetable processing industry as well as the non-food sector. Furthermore, we offer innovative service provision in the area of project engineering and sustainable solutions. Our customers stem chiefly from Western Europe, but our machinery and systems are used throughout the world.

Combination of experience and talent

The merger allows SGL Technology to combine it years of experience in the field of developing and building machinery with its talent for design, innovation, engineering, process development, project assistance and sales. We will continue to develop this successful combination internationally in the coming years.

Trippple-P® Strategy: product, process, practice

Our unique Trippple-P® Strategy allows us, as all-round partner, to cater even better and faster to the increasing demand for customized solutions in the field of flexible production machinery. For instance, this approach results in faster setup times and format changes. The whole process is the capable of hands of SGL Technology. If desired, SGL Technology will be present right from the design phase, production, installation, implementation and start-up of the production line to offer the customer a full-service project with one point of contact from beginning to end. This more efficient and targeted approach enables us to offer complete assistance to our customers, thereby relieving them of unnecessary additional pressure.

Introducing the new SGL Technology

With the organizational activities and investments behind us, we are now set to face the future! We would like to take this opportunity to personally bring you up-to-date of the great many benefits our revamped organization will mean to you. Don't wait too long to visit our restyled website:

The complete team of SGL Technology is ready and waiting to prove to you there are no empty promises in our pay-off!

SGL Technology "Beyond all Standards"