ProSweets 2012


SGL Technology's objective for ProSweets 2012 was to further increase the public profile of both the merged firms in the confectionary industry and to introduce our new Trippple-P Strategy.

Given the increase in visitors to our stand in relation to 2009, we can proudly inform you that it was a successful trade fair for us, also when you consider the weather conditions.

For those who were unable to visit us!

The Tripple-P Strategy combines the thermal dynamic expertise of the firm Solutherm with our company's decades of experience in developing and realizing new innovative process solutions for cooling, freezing and drying.

Unique products require customer specific tailor-made process solutions. Our Trippple-P Strategy ensures that the development and realization of this customer specific tailor-made process equipment matches the need of the customer.

With the aid of this strategy, we take stock of what the specific production requirements or wishes are of the customer in areas such as, cooling, freezing, drying, heating, pasteurisation, in addition to increasing capacity, while still retaining the production features, etc., (P1). Following this, we develop an optimal process for the product demand (P2), where we then, on the basis of the results, develop and flesh out a concept (P3).

Our strategy has time and again been successfully applied in a:

  • Cooling tunnel for bars
  • Cooling tunnel with five conveyor belts for cooling chocolate
  • Spiral freezer for pastries
  • Heat recovery system for steam emissions
  • Freeze tunnel for spinach

If you would like more information or clarification regarding our new strategy or if you have any specific questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are only too glad to help you with any request you might have.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all business relations that visited our stand and showed an interest in our firm during the ProSweets trade fair.