Engineering & Maintenance

Process engineering & Maintenance division

We run through the following steps in the design process with the customer to get the customized solution it needs:

Research & Development

We analyse the customer requirement and evaluate the product during this phase. The engineering process of the product will be subjected to is then examined, after which a concept study and concept design follows.


Once the concept study/design has been approved, we tackle the form, calculate the correct components and implement any fleshed out concept in a factory floor plan or line layout.

Risk Analysis

We then examine the fleshed-out concept from various angles, which allows us to classify this within the machinery directives. Safety is also tackled in this step.

Detail Engineering

We flesh out the approved concept further in this phase. This allows us to provide our department workshop with the correct detailed drawings of the realization of the system. Our Engineering and Work preparation departments are tasked with the supervision of this.


In collaboration with our regular partners, the machine is equipped with the necessary controls. This can range from a simplecontrol cabinet with an on/off switch and an emergency stop up to a high-grade PLC control system.

Engineering service

Operating as a full-service special engineering works means we are more than capable of overseeing your automation plan from A to Z, from advice, R&D followed by a ‘tailor-made’ solution just for your issue. We can then offer you this solution including concept design and if desired, followed by a separate Engineering assignment. Once this phase has been completed, the project progresses through our organization to Pre- & Detail Engineering, risk analysis and execution in our workshop.

On Time & In Full

The machine/system is purchased by the customer after the execution phase has been completed in the workshop. The next step is its on-site installation. The installation is coordinated by our Planning and Control department. Furthermore, our highly skilled and qualified staff can lighten your workload from A to Z - from disassembling the parts that have to be replaced, cleaning and assembling right through to transport, waste removal and control.

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