Weighing and packing units

Our weighing and packing units can be used for weighing and packing bulk products in American folding boxes of different sizes.

Weighing and packing product flow

The product flow is conveyed on an FDA-approved plastic feed conveyor belt and then deposited on a crossways, variable speed conveyor belt.

This conveyor belt runs through a metal detector where the product flow is checked for ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and stainless steel.

The product drops into American folding boxes at the end of the conveyor belt and is then weighed. The box is tared first after which it is weighed. Various programs ranging from 1 up to 25 kilograms can be selected here.

The conveyor belt conveying the American boxes, either manually or automatically, is fitted with various separate belts, the purpose of which is to provide space between the conveyed boxes.

This ensures that only one box at a time is placed on the weighing scale. The height adjustment of this conveyor belt is completely automatic. One touch of the button sets the product drop distance to match the height of the box being used.

Custom adjusted software

The machine has a software package specifically for weighing and is made entirely of stainless steel.

In the event this machine does not meet your exact requirements, we can also design one that does meet your specifications.

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