Mobile tanks and mixers

Inline mixers for adding ingredients

The inLine Mixer is designed to add ingredients such as flavourings and/or colourings to chocolate or another medium.

The advantage of the inline mixer is that it can be positioned as far downstream as possible in the product flow. This means that the base media remains uncontaminated for the maximum possible time during the process.

It also means that the basic machines in the line, the ones tasked with maintaining the precise temperature settings, remain uncontaminated for as long as possible and therefore do not require cleaning.

This saves a lot of time when changing over to other products.

The quantity of ingredients to be added is precision set and is maintained throughout the process.

We check the additive levels in the buffer tanks at different places to ensure that we have precision control of ingredient flows and can always be certain that a particular ingredient has been added.

Mobile tanks

The mobile tanks are separate units that you can install near a production line. They can be used, for example, to melt callets and blocks of chocolate, after which ingredients can be mixed to the chocolate by the specially manufactured mixer to create a homogenous mix.

The tank is a stand-alone unit and works separately from other units. It has its own electrical heating system and a double-wall, water-heated chocolate pump.

The media can be pumped around the tank and pumped to the user via a chocolate pump. This is relatively simple process; the chocolate lines can be simply connected via screw connectors. Then it is just a matter of plugging it into the socket for the heating.

The tank and piping is made of stainless steel and is simple to clean. The mobile tanks are available with different capacities. Naturally, tank size is a factor in mobility with large tanks being less mobile.

Buffer tanks

In addition to mobile tanks, we can also supply small buffer tanks, which have a permanent setup for a disc tempering machine.

The buffer tank can be used to pump the chocolate through a three-way valve until the preset temperatures have been reached, after which the chocolate is fed to the user.

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