chocolate moulding machine by SGL

CML: Compact Moulding Line (new concept)

The chocolate moulding machine CML, Compact Moulding Line, produces chocolate drops and chunks in a container sized production unit.

The chocolate moulding machine can produce blocks up to 5 kilograms and can produce 10.000 chocolate chips per kilogram. The maximum capacity is 500 kilograms per hour.

Modular chocolate moulding machines

Our chocolate moulding lines have been constructed on a modular basis. This basically means that depending on the number of products, the types of chocolate, capacity, etc. that you would like to manufacture, we can select all the necessary components to set up the production line to suit your product.

The CML is a semi automatic stand-alone unit which will be installed at location.

View our product specifications of our custom-built chocolate machine: CML, Compact Moulding Line and contact us if you have any questions about this chocolate moulding machine. 

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Product properties
Container sized production unit
Outputblocks 0,5 kg - 5 kg
Outputchips/drops 500 - 10.000 pcs/kg
Semi automatic
Pre setup @ delivery
Stand alone unit
Simultanious production500 kg/hr
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