Chocolate moulding machines

SGL Technology has built up a huge amount of experience down through the years in building customized production moulding machines for the chocolate industry.

As a result of this expertise, we now boast a number of standard production moulding lines to manufacture chocolate products such as drops, squares, small bars, bars, blocks or other decorative chocolate products from tempered liquid chocolate. Furthermore, we can realize a 30% higher output with regard to comparable chocolate moulding machines! Depending on the choice of products, we can even make two products on one production line at the same time.

Chocolate moulding line

Our chocolate moulding lines have been constructed on a modular basis. This means that depending on the number of products, the types of chocolate and capacity that you would like to manufacture, we can select all the necessary components to set up the chocolate moulding machine to suit your product.

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We have different types of chocolate machines, so please contact us if you are looking for a custom built chocolate machine by submitting your request through our contact form

chocolate moulding machine by SGL

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SGL Technology has built up a huge amount of experience through the years in building customized production machines for the chocolate industry. ...

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